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Overview of Services

Unique & customized to your individual needs

**All services are payable by cash, check, or electronic transfer only, prior to the scheduled visit or phone call.  

Home Based Geriatrics Care

Geriatrician-Directed Medical Care Management 

Holistic & personalized care in your home to meet your medical, social, & functional goals for care.

  • Help with making sense of complexity...

    • Comprehensive Geriatrics Assessments 

    • Medical decision-making capacity evaluations 

    • Dementia evaluations, education, management, & support 

    • Transitional care- after hospital or nursing home discharge 

    • Pre-facility entry assessments & screenings 

      • Answering the questions, “Is it time?” or “What options make the most sense?” 

      • Providing facilities with recommendations for anticipated plans of care  

      • Assistance with forms necessary for facility entry 

    • Palliative Care, Goals of Care & Advance Care Planning 

      • Understanding options 

      • Completion of important forms- DNR/DNI, POLST, advance care directives  

      • Help with navigating the difficult conversations 

      • Help with home-based palliative care or hospice  

    • Individualized plans of care/recommendations   

    • Education regarding medical conditions, dementia/memory loss, & geriatrics syndromes 

    • Coordinate medical communication with primary care providers & specialists 

    • Making sense of medical records, physician visits/communications, test results, plans of care


  • What does ongoing medical care management look like?  

    • Help to support & organize the medical care of complex older patients  

    • Flexible & personalized care plans suited to your needs 

    • Services can include: 

      • Availability via phone, e-mail, and/or follow-up house calls  

      • Help with understanding medical conditions, diagnoses, treatment plans, medication regimens & testing results 

      • Help with communicating with primary care providers & specialists to organize care

      • Working to simplify medication regimens 

      • Health advocacy & education for patients in skilled nursing or assisted living facilities  

      • Support with Palliative Care, Goals of Care, & End-of-Life Care​​

        • Navigating conversations​

        • Completing forms like POLSTs, DNR/DNI, advance care directives

        • Coordinating with hospice when/if appropriate

      • Dementia care & support  

      • Investigating options to prevent  or reduce hospital readmissions & ER use 

      • Help with understanding options for care in the home and services to support aging in place 

      • Help communicating with hospital or nursing home teams to understand what's going on and discharge plans 

      • Help with navigating the health system 

      • Work with a care manager to provide comprehensive care & support in the home- the medical, the functional, the social 

      • I am accepting a select panel of patients for primary care.  Please call for more details and to clarify if this could fit your or your loved one's needs.   


  • Please see the FAQ section for more details.  


  • Call for a free initial 15-20 conversation to review the situation and options

  • Initial consultation fee is a flat fee- not time based​​

  • Ongoing medical care management fees are structured based on the needs of the patient/family

  • Additional fees charged for travel beyond 1 hour from my base as well as for completion of certain forms.  

  • Patients/families responsible to forward pertinent medical records to me for review, preferably prior to the visit. 

  • After the initial visit, all information can be accessed centrally via HealthHive Patient Portal (see Contact & Forms page).

Option 1:  Ad Hoc Follow-Up Home Visit 

Home-based visit as needed after an initial one-time consult​

  • For established patients/families only who have not retained ongoing services that include home visits 

  • Review interim medical records/events

  • Communicate & coordinate care with providers, care managers, etc.

  • Available by phone/e-mail for 2 weeks after each ad hoc visit 

Fees:​​ Call for a review of the situation and services needed 

Option 2: Urgent Home Visit/Consultation

**After-hours or on weekends/holidays; depending on availability.  For established patients only.  


  • Arranged individually depending on circumstances & complexity  

Consultation for Attorneys, Care Managers, or Health Care Navigators


  • Assistance/guidance for elder-law or estate planning attorneys; geriatrics care managers; geriatrics or other health care navigators.

  • Can provide an assessment of capacity as part of a comprehensive geriatrics assessment in the home if needed as part of guardianship or other proceedings.  


  • Please call to review individually.

Speaking Engagements and Program Consultation


  • Speaking engagements to address topics related to geriatrics, aging, end-of-life care

  • Identify areas of opportunity for program development regarding the care of older adults 


  • Please call to review individually.


  • Travel arrangements to be discussed individually

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